Monday, 9 January 2012



Hello! Welcome to Allyson's Face Painting! Here, I (Allyson) will try to bring you more pictures, colors, drawings, techniques, updates and many more.

This page aims to fulfill your craving for face painting. Doesn't matter if you are a host who are interested in hiring Allyson to do Face Painting for your kid's birthday party, a beginner at face painting, a fellow face painter, an event organizer or a full time mum who is looking for more ideas to bring colors to your event or kid's lifestyle, this website will feed you lots of details and ideas!

Allyson have been face painting in Penang for a few years now, and have recently went abroad to Melbourne to learn from her idol, Becx.. Face Painting is something that Allyson holds dearly in her heart; and will never get tire of learning. 

How can we incorporate Face Painting into an event, you asked?  
Well, there are tons of possibilities, the only barrier is when you don't see beyond it! Allyson has been hired to do face painting and can be hired for face painting at these events....and she see many more doors to be opened in the future...
  1. Annual Dinner
  2. Birthday Party
  3. Masquerade Night
  4. Family Day
  5. Open Day
  6. Company Launching
  7. Seasonal Celebration (Christmas Party, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Easter Day.etc)
  8. Wedding Party
  9. Hen's Night
  10. Product Road Show
  11. Private Party
  12. Carnival
  13. and many more!

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