About Allyson

Well,...she is just a simple and humble girl from Taiping, Perak who loves arts and Face Painting and is currently working in Penang, Malaysia. To let you know her better,  here's our little interview with her:

Us : What triggered you to do Face Painting for the first time...?
Allyson : Well, I started Face Painting as a part time artist when I was still studying in University. My friend is involved in event management and he know that I am good in painting. He invited me to face paint for a MNC in Penang one fine afternoon, and...hooolah~~ that was when it all begins and there's no turning back! I fell in love with Face Painting that very  moment!!! It was great & encouraging because even-though it is my first time doing Face Painting, I already have parents, young adults, teachers, even kids, asking for my number! And from there, my "part-time-job" expended and weekends are never the same anymore! I have many bookings throughout the months; thanks to all the parents (who hired me for their kids' birthday parties) and clients from MNCs, event management companies, etc. 

 Us : Why Face Painting..?
Allyson : Well, it is simple..I want to translate my love for art from paper into human canvas! It feels so good & satisfying to see the great paintings done after every show.. What's even better is when the kids, parents, clients, guests, hosts; basically everyone who get their face painted says "Thank You" to you with a big wide smile on their face.. XD
I love seeing the smiles & happiness in them.. It makes me feel complete.. Face Painting gives me room to relax, makes me feel happy with all the unique colors, and gives me the "passport" to expand my creativity! (:
You know you did a great job when you heard "Wow" from the them...I just want to make people happy...that's one of the meaning in life! (:

Us : Where do you learn Face Painting...?
Allyson : Everywhere! You never stop learning in life! And I always believe in “Practice Makes Perfect!”..hahahaha... you have to learn from yourselves and others!

Us : Do you love what you're doing and why...?
Allyson : YES! Absolutely! Because Face Painting makes others happy, and makes me happy!! It’s an awesome feeling to be able to make someone happy, it might be their best moment of the day!

Us : Other than Face Painting, what are you doing now...?
Allyson : Well, other than being the owner of Allyson’s Face Painting, I am also the founder of Birthday Castle Entertainment in Penang. It is an event company that specializes in Children’s Party & Birthday Party. We deal a lot with children and have a lot of entertainment that is suitable for kids’ parties, kids’ related events, even for corporate functions! If you need clown, we have clowns. If you need children’s educational DIY corner, we have that too! If you need a face painter, we have many!

Us : How long have you been Face Painting...?
Allyson : Well, for a couple of years and the journey has been fantastic!

Us : Why is Face Painting necessary for an event...?
Allyson : I would say that Face Painting is something Unique, Different, and Special. Not everyone has access to it and yet, in everyone’s heart, they hope for a chance to try it out! So, why not hire Allyson’s Face Painting services to make your event unique, different and special..? Let your guest bring back something that they won’t forget, and better still, talk about it for many years to come..? Unique, isn’t it..? (:

Us : What occasion(s) is Face Painting suitable for...?
Allyson : Any occasions! Don’t just think of it as Face Painting, see Beyond it! And you’ll see, Face Painting is suitable for any type of event! Weddings, Corporate Events, Family Day, Annual Dinners, Birthday Parties, Exhibitions, Road Shows, Expos, Carnivals! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Give it a chance, give it a try!

Us : Where can we get the supply from..? Are there any differences between these paints...?
Allyson : At Allyson’s Face Painting we do sell the Face Painting Products. You can click on our Products tab above and you can see TAG Paints. They are Australian renowned brand and are very good for Face Painting. TAG Paint is FDA approved, non-toxic, safe for skin and water based; a very ideal paint for Face Painting. It is crucial to get Face Painting sets that are FDA approved because you don’t want your client to go home with any allergy or skin problem after painting them!

Us : What would you advice everyone who has the interest to learn Face Painting...?
Allyson : If you have a passion for it, don’t stop growing it! Take up courses; learn from each other, do researches, you can ask me anything, I will do my best to help! 

**we hope you've known Allyson better! We know we did!!!***

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